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Eduroam Update Message

An eduroam wifi network update requires your attention.

October 6, 2017 1:20 PM
There was an update this morning to the eduroam wireless network that will prompt users to retrust a certificate from our servers. This update was required due to the existing certificate expiring. This is a legitimate update; detailed instructions for connecting to eduroam can be found here but we have included brief instructions below. 

Apple iPhones/iPads: Some iOS versions may require you to forget the eduroam network and re-add it.  Otherwise, you will be prompted to trust the new certificate, and reenter your username and password. 

MacOS/OS X: You will be prompted to trust the new certificate, and enter your local computer account password to make the change.  You may be prompted to reenter your account information, depending on OS version.

In our testing, Android devices that were previously connected to eduroam are unaffected by the update.

In our testing, Windows devices needed to download and run the updated eduroam installer, available here:
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