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Restoration of Full Internet Connectivity for the Campus

September 29, 2019 11:58 PM
I wanted to let everyone know that Friday morning, repairs were completed to the fiber optic cable that was damaged early last week.

Once the repairs were complete and the cable tested, we were able to bring up our other Internet links and restore the campus to its regular 120Gigabit/s of off-campus bandwidth, including our 100Gigabit/s link to Internet 2, the nationwide high speed research and education network.

With this restoration our IMET group located at the Columbus Center downtown was also brought back to full network capacity. 

I wanted to take a moment and thank our UMBC's network team and the engineering team at MDREN, the Maryland Research and Education network, for their hard work and dedication throughout the week helping to ensure the campus's community was affected as little as possible by this cable cut. I'd also like to thank Facilities Management for assisting us throughout the process, helping us with access to contractors and services extremely quickly. 

If anyone has questions or would like more information about this outage, please let me know. 


Damian Doyle
Assistant Vice President
Tags: network outage
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