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All Faculty Required to Use Duo 2-factor Authentication

Enroll by November 19th

October 28, 2019 8:49 AM

Last April, DoIT announced that faculty and staff with elevated Peoplesoft access would be required to use Duo two-factor authentication. We've since worked to enroll nearly 2,500 faculty and staff members into Duo. In the last week alone, Duo protected over 20,000 individual logins to campus resources like myUMBC and Peoplesoft.

Continuing our efforts to keep the campus safe online, DoIT will be requiring all remaining faculty to enroll in Duo by November 19th.

Duo 2-factor authentication (2FA) greatly increases the security of your account by adding an extra layer of protection to the login procedure. With Duo 2FA, your account will require you to have a second-factor device physically unique to you, such as a smartphone, your office phone, or even a tablet in your possession to log in. When you log in, your second-factor device will prompt you to approve your online login. Without approval from your second-factor device, any fraudulent attempts to log into your account are denied, thus preventing anyone who shouldn't have access to your account from getting to your data.

To learn more about using Duo two-factor authentication, visit our Duo FAQ collection at

If you have questions or concerns submit an RT ticket at or contact the Technology Support Center at (410) 455-3838.

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