Best Practices for Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Increase your account’s security today!

Nearly 2,500 faculty and staff members’ accounts are now being protected by Duo, and the numbers continue to rise. Whether you’ve been using Duo for years, or you’re a new user, it’s nice to be reminded of a few best practices for using Duo. These tips, and a number of other topics, can be found on our Duo FAQs.

Reduce how much you’re prompted by Duo - Use Remember me for 30 days

Do you like the security you get by using Duo, but don’t want to use the second-factor step every time you log in? Simple. Just check the “Remember me for 30 days” checkbox on the Duo authentication screen.

NOTE: Only use this option on computers you control and trust. For example, your office computer or home computer. Do not use this option on public computers.

Don’t type or call - Use Push notifications

By far, the easiest way to use Duo is with a push notification to your smartphone. More than likely you have your smartphone with you. Simply press “send push” on the Duo authentication screen and acknowledge the push notification on your device.

Protect yourself from being locked out - Register multiple devices

In the event you don't have your standard authentication device with you, like your smartphone, be sure to register additional devices such as your desk or home phone.

Have more questions about using Duo? Browse our Duo FAQs, submit an RT ticket at, or contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) at (410) 455-3838.


Posted: October 30, 2019, 9:54 AM