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Legacy Campus TV System Replaced by YouTube TV

Starting in Feb departments should use YouTube TV services

January 28, 2020 1:28 PM

After completing the deployment of a new Comcast television streaming service for resident students during the fall 2019 semester, the campus is discontinuing the Direct-TV service we had in place. Unfortunately, the Comcast service license only applies to resident students and is not cost-effective to license for departments. DoIT has worked with procurement to select an internet streaming service, Youtube TV, that departments can purchase for their spaces. Youtube TV allows for cloud recording, a channel guide and HDTV among other new features. DoIT and procurement have worked together to provide easy access to YouTube TV that can be purchased with a departmental P-card. For more information please see our CATV FAQ. To ease the transition to a new service DoIT will continue to serve local channels over the legacy TV system through Spring 2020 semester for administrative and academic departments. 

For additional questions or assistance setting up your YouTube TV subscription you may contact DoIT through our TSC at 410-455-3838 or

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