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  • Tips for online purchasing during COVID-19

    Scamming Websites Are Selling Fake Products
    With COVID-19 causing many to shop online instead of in person, many scamming websites have appeared selling fake products. The Better Business Bureau created a list of tips for shopping online...
    Posted: July 13, 2020 4:03 PM
  • How to Spot a Scam

    Follow the Three Golden Rules
    Scammers are always inventing new ways to exploit people. However, some of the basic tactics don’t change much. The Cybercrime Support Network (CSN), in partnership with Google, has set up the...
    Posted: June 19, 2020 12:25 PM
  • College Stimulus Check Scam

    Another Email Scam Riding the Headlines
    The Federal Trade Commission warns of a phishing email scam aimed at college students. The malicious actor sends emails out claiming to be from the Financial Department of the student’s...
    Posted: June 3, 2020 10:38 PM
  • Protecting Sensitive Data During Telework

    Some Simple Precautions You Can Take For Secure Teleworking
    As the global health crisis continues, many organizations are making the decision to continue remote work into the summer, and some are even hiring new employees remotely. Malicious actors are...
    Posted: June 2, 2020 4:23 PM
  • Part Time Job Email Scam

    UMBC Community Continues To See Fake Job Offers
    UMBC DoIT Security continues to receive reports of malicious emails claiming to offer part time job opportunities to UMBC students.  From: Charlotte Oliver ...
    Posted: June 2, 2020 4:17 PM
  • Work From Home Scam

    During the  COVID-19, unemployment numbers have been rising and more people are looking for work. Some people have unknowingly gotten involved in breaking the law. According to the article from...
    Posted: May 26, 2020 11:10 AM
  • Phishing Attack Today Uses Fake Email Renewal Scam

    Email Tries To Get The Reader To Log In At Fake UMBC Page
    A fairly well-crafted phishing attack hit UMBC mail inboxes today.  It looks like this: The link takes the reader to a fake UMBC login page.  It does not look like our usual page,...
    Posted: May 13, 2020 1:17 PM