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Gain insights on student engagement during Collab session

Also discover student views of Collab recordings

While teaching a synchronous session using web conferencing tools, instructors juggle content, conversation, and context. Engaging participants and maintaining a high level of interaction is an essential outcome of an online experience. Even when webcams are on, how do you know if students are engaged? 

In late SP2022, Collaborate launches a new Engagement Insights Panel as a companion tool for faculty moderators to reveal how the student audience is engaging while the session is occurring. In this first release, instructors will be able to toggle a panel at the bottom of their live Collaborate session to show the percentage of hands raised and chat messages sent in both the main room and in breakout rooms. As the data refreshes, faculty can use this information to note high and low engagement in the live session.

Example of Collaborate Live Engagement Insights
Image 1: Example of Collaborate Live Engagement Insights

Collaborate will also offer metrics for session recordings including how many students have watched the recordings or downloaded the recording file (if downloads are enabled). Faculty can also see the last date and time when a recording was viewed or downloaded. This information will be available on the Recordings tab.

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Posted: April 11, 2022, 3:30 PM