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FAQ’s and Articles
Academic Monitoring
  • Vendor is GradesFirst
  • Used by Athletics to manage atletes grades, study time, etc.
Faculty Annual Report (FAR)
  • Once a year faculty members fill out an online form outlining various events throughout the previous year. These reports are used in the salary-setting process and for reappointment, tenure, and promotion decisions. This annual report is then sent to various Department Chairs and School Deans before a final review by the Dean of the Faculties. After the review is completed, the annual report documents are then filed away for future reference.
Scheduling (R25)
  • Resource 25, or simply R25, is a campus-wide event and class scheduling system. R25 will assist the computing community by streamlining the way we schedule events and reserve spaces on campus. It also fosters more efficient use of space and simplify space planning processes across campus.
Test Scoring
  • DoIT provides test scoring services to all UMBC instructors. The overall goal of the test scoring service is to provide an efficient and accurate means of grading multiple-choice exams that will effectively generate reports to suit the instructor’s needs. Such reports should be used by instructors to improve the testing process itself.