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UMBC Scans Akindi's 9 Millionth Bubble Sheet

DoIT began the transition to Akindi bubble sheets in FA2021

At the end of Spring 2021, DoIT announced a pilot of Akindi, a tool that serves as a Scantron alternative that allows instructors to print and score bubble sheets from any local printer/scanner. Akindi has been deployed with institutions across the country including Rutgers, Duke, USC Marshall, and the University of Tennessee. 

Since UMBC's roll out, over 18,000 Akindi bubble sheets have been scanned by UMBC faculty and teaching assistants over 200 unique assessments. 

On April 1, Jordan Wilson scanned in bubble sheets for Exam 1 in their CHEM 102L Introductory Chemistry Lab. That scan hit a milestone for our partners at Akindi: it included their 9 millionth scanned bubble sheet. Wilson has been awarded a complementary pair of socks from Akindi to celebrate. 

As the end of the semester approaches, DoIT reminds faculty of the advantages of Akindi bubble sheets over Scantrons. Resources are made available through our FAQs, or faculty can request an Akindi consult by placing a ticket via RT.

Posted: April 7, 2022, 8:19 AM