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Webex Meetings app to be discontinued

Webex app to replace Webex Meetings in July

This summer, starting July 15th, Webex will discontinue their Webex Meetings application. This is being done to promote migration to their newer application, Webex (formerly Webex Teams). Users may transition to the Webex application at any time. DoIT encourages anyone running the Webex Meetings application to upgrade before the scheduled July 15th date. 

Upgrading to the Webex app is easy and we have a helpful FAQ to guide you through the process. Once you've installed Webex, you can uninstall Webex Meetings, and that's it! 

The Webex app offers all the same meeting capabilities and features that you are familiar with in the Meetings app but includes other helpful features including asynchronous chat/messaging and the optional integration of your campus phone number for inbound and outbound calling.

If you are already using the Webex app for your virtual meetings no action is required. If you have any questions or need support transitioning from Webex Meetings please contact our Technology Support Center

Ray Soellner

Director - DoIT


Posted: June 14, 2022, 2:53 PM