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Poll Everywhere Pilot Adds myUMBC login

Use mobile devices to participate in live polls

At the end of Spring 2022, DoIT announced an intention to pilot Poll Everywhere as an alternative to clickers. After much anticipation, DoIT is pleased to announce the launch of our Poll Everywhere pilot, which now includes the ability for students, faculty and staff to login with their UMBC userid and password.

Poll Everywhere is an audience response system that can be utilized in face-to-face and online courses instead of traditional, physical clickers. There is no cost to faculty or students to use Poll Everywhere during the pilot. 

Without the barrier of purchasing a clicker or a supplemental software license, DoIT hopes to grow and better support active learning strategies through the implementation of classroom response systems. Students participate in polls by using any device including smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Faculty can utilize a number of question types including open-ended questions, clickable image questions, ranking, Q&A, surveys, and competitions in addition to standard multiple choice or true/false questions. Poll Everywhere questions can be launched from a browser or integrated in slide presentations such as Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint. Questions and results can be shared with other colleagues as well. Lastly, Poll Everywhere can be used during synchronous, online class meetings since no other hardware is needed. 

Poll Everywhere also offers a Blackboard integration. Instructors can assign participants points or grade questions for accuracy. Please note that instructors and students will need to access Poll Everywhere via UMBC Single Sign On (SSO). Instructors will need to submit an RT ticket to request UMBC presenter access.

Please join us for a 1-hour Poll Everywhere training and demonstration on Monday 10/3 from 12-1 for an introductory training session to learn how to:

  • Navigate the presenter dashboard

  • Create and present activities

  • Collaborate with teams

  • Generate reports 

  • Integrate Poll Everywhere in slide presentations

DoIT has prepared a robust FAQ collection on Poll Everywhere including a getting started checklist for instructors. In addition, please follow our myUMBC group for upcoming training on Poll Everywhere. 

As always, if you have any questions about teaching, learning, and technology at UMBC, please consider the following options:

Posted: September 21, 2022, 2:17 PM