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June brings support for CSV upload of Ultra test questions

New location for Announcements, plus anonymous test grading

Creating many questions on a test can be a time-consuming process. Instructors might import questions using third-party tools or publisher test banks, if compatible or available. Beginning with the June update to Ultra, instructors can create up to 250 questions offline in a tab-delimited TXT file and upload into an Ultra test or assignment.

Image 1: Instructor view – ‘Upload questions from file’ option in tests. This same option exists for assignments
Image 1: Instructor view featuring the Upload questions from file option in tests. This same option exists for assignments

A future update to this tool will support uploading questions via TXT file directly to question banks. Until then, instructors can migrate uploaded test questions using Manage Question Banks -> Reuse Questions. Please open a RT ticket for additional support.

This month, the Announcements tool increases its visibility when it moves to the top navigation bar. This ensures users can easily access Announcements anywhere in the course. All functionality remains the same. 

Image 2: Announcements at the top of the Ultra course
Image 2: Announcements at the top of the Ultra course

Additional updates to Ultra for June include:
  • Instructors can enable anonymous grading on tests, which may add an additional layer of fairness and impartiality to the grading process. 
  • Users can expand a shortcut course link to a folder or learning module as they would a folder or learning module. The contents displayed are read only. 
  • Instructors can add exemptions for anonymous grading activity.
  • Instructors can opt to use the "Base calculation on points earned out of total graded points" option for any gradebook calculation, regardless of whether it contains operators with functions and variables. 
  • The Original course's assignment submission page is redesigned to be less confusing and easier for students to use. 
Faculty should see the latest updates in Ultra courses around June 1-2, 2023. 

The next update to our Ultra test environment will take place on June 6, 2023. Faculty who are interested in test driving new features before they are released to production should open an RT ticket to request early access. Please watch the FAQs, including the What's New with Ultra pageand myUMBC for additional information about Ultra. 

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Posted: June 1, 2023, 11:47 AM