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Transition for Confluence (wiki.umbc.edu)

Changes to wiki.umbc.edu, migration plan to Confluence Cloud

Atlassian, the maker of the Confluence software platform, is ending support for its server products in February 2024. Due to this change, we are migrating Confluence, our campus wiki (wiki.umbc.edu) to their Confluence Cloud platform. This migration is planned for mid-December; more information will be published soon on specific timing.

What will change? The Confluence Cloud platform has a modern user interface and introduces some new features. The URL will change as part of this process from wiki.umbc.edu to umbc.atlassian.net/wiki. All links for wiki.umbc.edu will be redirected to the new site at the same location.  If you are a frequent editor of any spaces on wiki.umbc.edu, you will enter the new system as an editor. There will be a process for requesting edit access to the new system once we migrate.

We will freeze all edits to wiki.umbc.edu one week prior to the migration in mid-December, and alert editors and space administrators when the new system is ready to go. After the migration, users will notice some features, terminology, and user interface differences. DoIT is offering support for editors on the new system upon request.

For additional information, please feel free to contact Ally Hepp at ahepp@umbc.eduTo report issues after the migration, please submit a support request at help.umbc.edu.


Posted: November 14, 2023, 10:49 AM