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Panopto Blackboard Integration Updates in December

Instructors are encouraged to copy courses after update

Panopto tool integrations in Blackboard will be updated in late December, as Blackboard support is ending for the current tool integrations.

On December 21st, existing Panopto links in Original and Ultra courses will be migrated to the new Panopto LTI 1.3 integration. We do not expect any system downtime or loss of access to Panopto content with this update.

Spring Courses

***For instructors and students to benefit from the updated tool integration, we recommend that instructors wait to copy Panopto content to their spring courses until this update is completed by 5pm on 12/22.***

Upgraded functionality with LTI 1.3 includes the following features:

Panopto Quiz Grading 

With LTI 1.3, instructors will now be able to select between two grading methods for Panopto quizzes, grading on % viewed or grading on quiz results.

Image 1: After selecting the Panopto Quiz tool and the desired Panopto video in Blackboard, instructors will be prompted to select the grading method for the quiz. 

Course Copy Enhancements

Instructors will now have more flexibility in copying videos between courses. The new Panopto copy process allows instructors to customize video settings and maintain separate data for videos in each course. 

Connect with Instructional Technology

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UMBC is committed to providing a consistent learning experience for everyone. The last day we will support Blackboard Original is December 31, 2024. Please check out our training and support: https://umbc.edu/go/ultra.

Posted: November 27, 2023, 9:05 AM