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Instructor Display of Bb Menus Using Firefox Now Fixed

firefox_bb_bad_still.pngYesterday, DoIT began receiving reports from instructors that their course menus were obscured when they used the Firefox web browser (see example at right). We worked with Blackboard, which identified the source of the problem (a missing or corrupt icon image, perhaps a result following the Service Pack 2 upgrade last Friday night during the scheduled maintenance window), and implemented the solution this morning. To clarify, DoIT always tests Blackboard upgrades, service packs and hot fixes before implementing in production. We did not see this issue on our Bb test environment, and do not know why the issue manifested itself yesterday (four days after the SP2 implementation). We are working with Blackboard to confirm the cause of the missing image file, but for now the issue appears to be resolved.

Posted: September 1, 2010, 11:11 AM