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SPSS License Update Fall 2010 Updated 9-30

Posted 10-01-2010 1:35PM IBM-SPSS has notified us that the new license generation program for the network license where our 900 lab computers point is not working, disabling SPSS in the labs at this time. We have no firm estimate of a resolution time; we will continue to post updates as we receive them. Posted 9-30-2010 9:30PM The NEW permanent codes for SPSS 17 and 18 have been posted on the SPSS download site. We were unable to obtain the network license for SPSS. This will affect SPSS usage in the DoIT labs. SPSS customer service opens at 8:30AM tomorrow at which time we will work with them to send us the proper network codes. Once we have those we will update the network license to ensure SPSS works in the labs. ------------------------------ Posted 9-30-2010 The contract has been signed. We have been told by SPSS-IBM that we will receive our permanent codes later on today (Thursday, September 30, 2010). --------------------------------------------------- Posted 9-28-2010 On Friday, October 1, 2010 SPSS will stop working on all machines and systems at UMBC. At this time IBM-SPSS is unwilling to issue a 30 day temporary code until the new contract is signed by UMBC. In the past this has not been an issue but we have been informed that SPSS-IBM will not make an exception. Even if they made an exception they are unable to issue a 30 day temporary license due the inability to issue a $0.00 order before their quarter ends. Earlier this year IBM purchased SPSS. This resulted in new contract terms being negotiated with IBM. We began negotiating the new contract terms over two months ago. Unfortunately, there have been a number of delays due to contract revisions and requests for changes based on Maryland law. UMBC’s legal team received IBM’s final proposed version earlier this week. Campus legal is currently reviewing the contract terms proposed by IBM. This issue has been escalated to senior management at IBM-SPSS for review but at this time it is doubtful this will be resolved before the expiration on Friday, October 1. We will update this blog post as we know more. ------------------------------------------------------ Posted 9-2-2010 UMBC has been working with IBM-SPSS to renew the campus site license. Our current licenses will “soft expire” on August 31, 2010. During the soft expiry period users will receive a pop-up warning each time SPSS is launched. The good news is that SPSS will work normally after accepting the pop-up warning. The “hard expire” for is October 1, 2010. After this date SPSS will no longer work. It will take at least 45 days for UMBC to receive the permanent license codes from IBM-SPSS. This vendor will not provide a permanent code until they have received an actual check from the state, a PO is not sufficient. Therefore, a temporary 30 day code will be issued by IBM-SPSS which we will release the week of September 20th. We expect to receive the permanent license codes around the second week of October. With IBM's recent acquisition of SPSS all of UMBC's existing SPSS contracts had to be re-negotiated and vetted through both legal departments. This process took the better part of summer and was finalized in mid August. We apologize for any problems this may have caused.

Posted: September 2, 2010, 12:53 PM