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How Undergraduate Admissions Migrated to Duo

Tips for ensuring a smooth migration

May 29, 2018 11:27 AM

Andrew Gribben (pictured at right), Specialist in Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation, recently helped assist his colleagues in switching to Duo two-factor authentication as part of DoIT’s upcoming two-factor authentication requirement for faculty and staff with Peoplesoft access above “self-service” functions such as timesheets, etravel requests, etc.

Andrew demoed Duo during a staff meeting including having someone sign up in real time. He helped ease the transition to Duo by making himself available to walk staff through the sign-up process, as well as, answer any of their questions. When asked about what helped his group the most, Andrew says he targeted those who were skeptical or concerned before the rollout to the entire group. "This helped ensure a smoother process overall."

To help make sure your office’s rollout goes smoothly, Andrew and DoIT recommend the including the following to help your department’s rollout go smoothly:

  • Demo Duo live to show not only how it works but how to sign up.

  • Leverage the Duo FAQ collection to help users

  • Send out email reminders encouraging users to sign up.

  • Be available to offer 1 on 1 support to staff if necessary.

Once again, DoIT strongly encourages all faculty and staff to enable Duo 2FA now, but all employees with PeopleSoft access will be required to do so (staff by 12/31/18, faculty by 9/1/19). After these dates, DoIT will automatically enroll required employees into Duo. DoIT will also provide a “count-down” weekly reminder 90 days before the relevant deadline.

Click here to learn how to activate Duo today.

Additional information about Duo two-factor authentication is available in the FAQs.

If you have further questions, please contact the Technology Support Center by either submitting a support request at or calling (410) 455-3838.

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