The topic is about pros and cons for leaving a digital device unattended, such as a cell phone, a laptop or a desktop computer. It does not matter whether devices are personally owned or business owned.


1.     This situation of leaving a device unattended is like leaving a car unlocked. The biggest risk is about the loss of a device itself (i.e. stolen). Thieves would be able to sell parts of a device if not an entire device. True, stolen devices could be tracked. But, only when a device is unassembled.


2.     Loss of privacy. Intruders might be able to see (and read) confidential matters. Doesn’t matter whether the stored information is personal (e.g. family photos) or business (e.g. contracts). Thus, putting a business or an employer at a risk when sensitive information is left unguarded.


3.     Spies could install malware on an unattended device and download stored information remotely at their convenience. (Sometime, government spies including manufacturers from China install malware devices on laptops sold to a country for monitoring daily activities).[1]


4.     Waste of electric power or discharging battery if left unlocked and running (while a device is also left unattended). If left running 24/7 then internal parts of device would wear quickly (because every part has a limited life based on number of operating hours).


5.     Children may visit unauthorized webpages in case a personal laptop or a cell phone is left unattended. Children might be exposed to inappropriate materials. Children may be targeted by predators. Children may post something on line (and it is difficult to delete almost anything once something is posted on line). Children may play for hours and hours and exposed to health risk (i.e. weight gain, watching games on a device left unattended). Children distracted from studies.




Almost none. Except, a minor convenience of not turning ON. We see that in offices desktops are left running at night. Monitors get burned. Parts get worn (limited life). And, security guards are annoyed.



Posted: October 31, 2018, 1:31 PM