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Protecting Sensitive Data During Telework

Some Simple Precautions You Can Take For Secure Teleworking

June 2, 2020 4:23 PM

As the global health crisis continues, many organizations are making the decision to continue remote work into the summer, and some are even hiring new employees remotely. Malicious actors are also still working and are capitalizing on uncertainty and preoccupation with other challenges. One of their most common goals is to obtain private information, such as passwords, personally identifiable information like social security numbers, or internal business decisions, all of which can be sold on the dark web or used in future scams targeting both individuals and organizations.  Whether you are already teleworking or simply want to be prepared for any opportunities that may arise, familiarize yourself with these simple tips to keep you, your devices, and your organization safe in the virtual workspace.


  •  Read and follow your organization’s policies on telecommunications and telework. Know what you are and are not allowed to access from your personal devices.

  •  Secure your Internet connection. Use a unique password for your home Wi-Fi and avoid accessing private information over public connections.

  •  Lock your devices. Use a unique password, facial recognition, etc. to ensure that others cannot access private information through your phone or computer.

  •  Keep your devices up to date. Update regularly or enable automatic updates to get the latest security patches as quickly as possible.

  •  Use any additional security tools your organization provides. For example, UMBC offers access to the GlobalProtect VPN for secure remote connection to the campus network, and Duo Two-Factor Authentication to help prevent unauthorized logins to your UMBC account.

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