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AI Course Design Tools for Ultra Courses - Demo

Explore this exciting suite of tools on December 13th



Date & Time

December 13, 2023, 10:00 am11:00 am


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Have you wondered how cutting edge AI technology could transform your course preparation? What if those tools were available at your fingertips right within your Blackboard course? 

The Blackboard AI Course Design Assistant Tools will be available in Ultra courses for WT/SP2024 as of December 13, 2023. These tools are limited to the instructor role in an Ultra course. 

Discover how you can leverage integrated AI tools to create engaging learning experiences in your Ultra courses. Instructional Technology staff invites faculty to preview a suite of new AI Course Design Assistant features, exclusively for Ultra courses, designed to inspire and assist faculty in streamlining the course development process. 

Session Objectives

  • Review Anthology’s Trustworthy AI Approach
  • Explore the seamless workflow to create content
  • Input learning objectives to guide the AI creation process
  • Generate course structure and images 
  • Create test questions, question banks, and grading rubrics
  • Generate authentic journal and discussion prompts

The AI Course Design Assistant capabilities are opt-in and the instructor is always in control of the content generated. Join this session to review these exciting tools for Ultra courses.

This session will be facilitated by Dr. Mariann Hawken, Director of Instructional Technology, and Josh Abrams, Instructional Design Specialist.

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