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Akindi Importer Tool Available on 7/1

Write Questions in MS Word and Quickly Add to Blackboard

In the spirit of promoting academic integrity in testing, faculty in both Biology and Chemistry have been leveraging large question pools in their courses. Beginning July 1, the Akindi Importer tool will be live and supported by DoIT as the newest addition to our assessment tool suite that also includes Akindi bubble sheet. This web-based platform helps faculty create large question pools for Blackboard courses.

A new series of FAQs on the Akindi Importer is now available. Supported question types include multiple choice, multiple answer, open ended question, fill in the blank, and matching. 

The Akindi Importer is particularly useful for faculty who wish to create large Blackboard question pools efficiently and quickly. Instead of manually creating one question at a time, faculty can create assessment questions in Microsoft Word and use the Akindi Importer (via web browser) to upload the resulting QTI file to the course. Once imported, the Akindi QTI file may be used with other assessment features such as randomization of questions or answers, and random blocks that limit the number of questions displayed from a pool. Unlike Respondus 4.0, Akindi Importer is available to all faculty regardless of their desktop's operating system.

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Posted: May 11, 2022, 10:25 AM